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We produce our podcasts in a subscription-based production model; read this full page for details before enrolling. In the past three years, we’ve written some of the top financial content on the internet (examples such as our Renminbi posts in 2015, natural gas post in 2015, miners post in 2016, Bitcoin posts in 2015, Ethereum posts in 2015 and 2016, Dash posts and Zcash post). People who’ve read all of our content across our sites (former sites and current site), have done exceptionally well. This doesn’t just include investments or budgeting, our predictions about the future have been helpful. Most people reading this do not understand the growing challenges that we’re all about to face, except those of us at FinTekNeeks. We see the major challenges along with major opportunities. Our podcasts will feature content you haven’t heard anywhere else. As one of our students says:

[The] content is really unique. No one else is saying these things

In addition, our podcasts also expand on our existing content, such as some additional techniques that you can learn outside of our 4 Financial Lessons From series.  The amount of content that we’ll produce will be based on how honest you are and how many other students enroll, see Piracy and Plagiarism Warning below for details.  By enrolling in this course, you agree to only pay for 15 podcasts, as further podcasts may only be produced if enough enrollments occur.

Bonus Podcasts

Every 100th podcast will be a bonus podcast where we discuss our favorite investments for the moment, along with other bonus material that we sometimes feature in our Investment Outlook webinars. Since these will be rare, these are designed to contain extra rewards. We will not produce 100, 200, or 300 podcasts unless enough students enroll, see Piracy and Plagiarism Warning below for details.

Example Podcast Topics

As people enroll in the course, we may be producing podcasts with the following topics and more:

  • Podcast 81. We discuss a favorite technique of timing the bottom of a stock, mutual fund, or ETFs collapse.
  • Podcast 93. One danger ahead that no one is thinking about and how to turn this into a massive opportunity.
  • Podcast 107. Two tips for negotiating prices and raises, which have a tested result success rate of 60-70% on raises.
  • Podcast 294. One low cost investment that offers six easy ways to get incredible results.

Along with many other topics. Since some of these topics are time sensitive and there may not be enough enrollments to produce these podcasts when these opportunities are open, the podcasts may be replaced with other more relevant discussions, see Piracy and Plagiarism Warning below for details.

Piracy and Plagiarism Warning

We do not produce content for free. If we discover piracy or plagiarism of any of our content, we will suspend it immediately without refund. In addition, when you enroll in this course, you are only purchasing 15 podcasts. If further students join this course, we will continue producing more podcasts, but only if more students join. We will take monthly snapshots of the student count and produce weekly podcasts at the rate of 8 podcasts per 10 student enrollments. This means that if 100 students enroll after one year, we will produce 80 podcasts in addition to the 15 initially offered. If you pirate our content, you guarantee that no further student will enroll, which hurts your own investment. If you don’t pirate our content, you increase the probability that other students will enroll. If you recommend this course and avoid piracy, it’s possible that you may end up paying less than $0.50 per podcast in the long run (ie: 402 podcasts for $180).

Your honesty may increase your investment. Your dishonesty guarantees your investment fails. Since people tried pirating our content before and we caught them, it should be of note that we will not discuss crypto-topics until podcast 39, meaning that at minimum 30 students must be enrolled before we begin to discuss crypto-topics. You have no idea what’s coming; we do.  By enrolling in this course, you agree to only pay for 15 podcasts, as further podcasts may only be produced if enough enrollments occur.

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We've written several sites with accurate financial content in the past.  Rather than continuing to write content, we've switched to enrollment-based podcasting model.