The Millionaire Guide To Hedging (Advanced)

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This course covers hedging or preparation techniques that can be used in a variety of circumstances, from agriculture to family management to friendship to even personal finance.  This is not a financial course, as the material can possibly apply to friendships, employment, personal finance situations, possible emergency situations, etc.

Example: Investors Caught Off Guard

Investors piled into the NASDAQ, as the index roared to record numbers with positive and growing outcomes. David evaluated discussions from the course and began using one of the techniques from this course that he thought may apply to his situation. Later a decline came, and wiped out 30-40% of most investors. While many investors were caught off guard off the decline, David saw huge gains in a short period of time in contrast to his colleagues 30-40% losses. David then re-evaluated the situation and strengthen his portfolio using another technique from this course. In practice, some examples of returns from techniques used by learners from this material:

  • Technique 2: Jessica saw a 400% return in less than 1 month on a hedge.
  • Technique 7: Andrew created a 200% a year hedge to protect his principal.
  • Technique 9: Bob hedged one high risk position, returning 4,000%.

Example: Friendship Sours

Jessica couldn't believe it.  Her life deteriorated at the worst time possible and two of her closest friends betrayed her.  She never imaged this would happen.  Then Jessica reminded herself of lessons she learned from this course, especially one of the discussions.  She couldn't immediately change her situation, but she knew that she could adjust her behavior now to prevent yet another disaster like this.  Jessica used the fourth technique on future relationships taking into account an accurate picture of each situation.  When situations soured later, she was prepared for each situation.  In practice, some examples of returns from techniques used by learners from this material:

  • Technique 5: David used the third technique to increase add over his estimate of $1 million to his value in a decade
  • Technique 9: Roger increased the value of each friendship by using this technique.
  • Bonus Content: Mary discovered a "diamond in the rough" as she called it by recognizing a pattern similar to one of the bonus videos.

Why Learn To Hedge?

People tend to overestimate their ability to predict and understand the future. For this reason, they are constantly caught off guard.  People discover this with their friendships when they overestimate the value of a friendship.  The 2008-2009 bubble also showed us an example of this, as did the 2000-2001 bubble. This also holds true for people's ability to predict their own employment.  This course is designed for the people who want to learn the systems of how to think about what they're not thinking about and why this may matter.

Unlike college, this course requires significant effort on students part and measure success by results.  For example, did Sarah offset her unexpected car disaster?  That's a result. Most people lack basic diligence, making this course in appropriate for them.  This course covers different techniques that range in their nature for different audiences. No one needs to be an expert to take this course, but those who sign up must be willing to work at improving their ability to get results. Some material learners will be able to use, while other material will be unimportant and uninteresting.

Suppose that like Greg, you have 1700 BTC that you got at a price of $0.06 for each bitcoin.  Or suppose that you were given $1 worth of bitcoin and that amounted to over 1000 bitcoins.  Most would make the same mistake as Greg, and the most ignorant of people would think, "I would have done things differently."  In reality, as the response to Greg's tweet shows, most people do not consider or even know of the systems we discuss in this course and just think, "I wouldn't have made that mistake."  Yet right in front of them, they fail to realize that unlike Greg, they weren't even in bitcoin to start!  Ironically, the people criticizing Greg the harshest were some of bitcoin's earliest critics, even though they had the same opportunities he did.

Greg and his critics show us an example of what most people miss: the humility to realize that we are no different and could make the same mistake, or made a bigger mistake like the critics.

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We offer basic versions of our courses, which are cheaper for some people who may only be interested in obtaining introductory information.  Students who want specific and advanced techniques should only consider the advanced courses, as the basic courses provide only beginner information.  Since basic courses require timed-videos, the basic course may have longer videos, only because of the platform.  The advanced courses get to the point quickly to save students time; see The Millionaire Guide To Hedging.  We offer the advanced courses at the cheapest rate during the first month we publish the course and may raise the price after the first month.

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